Learning Physics


Our physics tutor on staff is just within the reach: all you need to do is to get in touch with our scheduler on duty to ask for session. We come to your place if you are in DC or VA area, or bring tutor to you through our iStudyTM virtual classroom.

Whether you are at the beginning of introductory Physical Science or stuck in the middle of math-heavy advanced physics topic, our tutor is ready to patiently take you through the complex theory concepts all the way to successful independent exercise-solving level.

We have high school students seeking help with their regular, Honors, AP or IB courses. iStudy normally suggests regular weekly or bi-weekly 2-hour sessions to achieve and maintain the steady progress in scaffolding the concept tree and mastering skills in solving calculation based exercises.

We can help you with conceptual and Mathematical, General and Applied Physics courses. The topics that usually students need help with are measurement, space, time, vectors, one dimensional and multidimensional motion, dynamics, forces, work and energy, conservation of energy, systems of particles, collisions, rotational motion, rotational dynamics, elasticity, fluids, gravitation, waves and sound, heat and thermodynamics.

Our call-logs from previous clients has many requests of help with circuits, magnetism, optics, quantum, atomic and nuclear physics, mechanics, heat, light, sound. Oftentimes, help is sought from health-allied majors for covering the topics of error analysis, mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism and modern physics with emphasis to respiratory therapy or other very specific fields.

We assist college students taking courses and struggling with concepts of temperature and effects of heat, heat and change of state, heat transfer, thermodynamics, harmonic motion, waves, sound, light and illumination, reflection, refraction, dispersion of light and optical instruments. As you can see we should be able to assist you by assigning our staff instructor or another specialty tutor to you.



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