Learning US Government and Law


Our education company can help you with your high school US Government, or Civics class on regular and on advanced placement (AP) level, and offer academic assistance with classes involving Business law, Health, Tort and Injury law, Contract, Privacy law, Administrative law, Employment law and Intellectual Property/Patent law. The help is available for either coursework, exams or for various projects and papers.

One of our tutors has a background in business law with specialization on contracts, sales agency, torts, partnerships and corporations, and the uniform commercial code. We had in the past complex, multidisciplinary projects or term-papers on undergraduate and graduate level involving several facets like law and business, law and marketing, law and history

Among them we can recall:

  • Legal and ethical framework of business;
  • Contracts, negotiable instruments of startup;
  • The history and overview of the U.S. court systems;
  • The Constitutional Amendments: historic overview of mechanisms and substantive aspects;

and few others.


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