Learning Math and Statistics


We fully recognize the importance of math in our educational repertoire. iStudy math department is fully staffed to meet your educational needs in this area. 

Whichever level you are in – regular high school or Honors, in AP, IB program, junior college student or higher level – we are able to get you to one of our tutors who can assist you with Beginning Algebra, Precalculus, Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry or Statistics. We can help you to improve test-taking skills and your score on SAT, ACT, IB, AP tests.

We can explain the theory, “show the way” math problems have to be solved and go through as many examples and practice problems as you need to succeed on your own, to become proficient and independent. Our middle and high school students typically ask questions about Functions and Graphs, fractions, ratio and proportion, decimals, percents, the integers, number theory, rational and real numbers, probability and statistics, Diophantine equations, geometry and transformations, the metric system, relations and functions. Depending on the need, our tutor can delve into linear equations and inequalities, matrices, linear programming with applications to business, probability and discrete random variables. 

Lots of school districts and private schools are offering math classes emphasizing applications in physics, chemistry, and engineering containing continuity, limits, and the derivative for algebraic, trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, and inverse functions. The definite integral, techniques of integration, sequences, series, and power series are also common requests. 

The students of upper level classes learn from us how to read, understand, devise and communicate proofs of mathematical statements where proof techniques such as induction, contrapositive and contradiction are proper. We get to set theory, maps between sets, equivalence relations, partitions of sets. We have a tutor that loves Cantor’s notion of size for sets, and gradations of infinity. We help with quantifiers, negation and truth tables, and number theory, divisibility, Euclidean algorithm, and congruencies. 

One of our tutors has a specialization in statistics and helps with basic and advanced statistics. He can deliver the entire lessons or parts of descriptive statistics, elements of probability theory, basic ideas of statistical inference and specific topics such as measures of central tendency, dispersion, frequency distributions, also commonly occurring distributions, including binomial. If asked, we can arrange a lesson with him on probabilistic concepts used in statistical modeling or on statistical inference. 


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