Learning English


Perhaps, you would agree that regardless of what other class you are enrolled in or what career you planning to pursue, you must be able to communicate effectively and clearly to be more successful. There is always room to sharpen your critical thinking and enhance your writing skills. Remember, you are not in solitude like on the bottom of the well, and your writing likely addresses someone else other than you like. Therefore, good writing is the one that is persuasive, interactive, and creative. 

All our English tutors have decades of experience of teaching English. They can further develop your English language, reading, and writing skills as a foundation for your academic studies. We can provide assistance on the pace of your class if you are enrolled in English class or help you to focus on progressive development of reading, grammar, writing by choosing texts and genres designed to improve your English.

We can assist you with English on your level whether you are in middle-school, high-school, honor, AP, IB or college. We have materials and classes for Grammar, Sentences and Paragraphs, Pre-Writing, Writing and Revising, The Thesis and Citation (APA, MLA, and Chicago), Short Essay, Library Research, Reading and Comprehension, and others.

In any way we end up help you, we enhance your English, your understanding of academic discourse, and improve test-taking skills. We help with SAT, ACT, IB, AP test preparation.

Our interdisciplinary experts can offer help on your Academic Writing, Creative Writing or Technical Writing within other subjects, classes or projects like legal paper, business plan or others.

We also have tutor skilled in English as a Second Language (ESL/EFL) on all levels including colloquial practice by immersion.  


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