Learning Economics, Finance

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Economics I and Economics II are traditionally understood as Macroeconomics and Microeconomics. Nine out of ten economics students come to us from undergrad college and are normally need help in at least one of six of areas: 

  • economic history
  • macroeconomics and banking
  • the labor market, taxation and public spending
  • competitive strategy
  • economic regulation
  • the environment and the economics of education, health care and transportation. 

Many students, especially those taking advanced classes in economics, struggle because of mathematics part. Indeed, economics and econometrics relies heavily on probability and statistics to use these statistical methods for analyzing economic data. We have a very experienced tutor with dual degrees in economics and Business Statistics who can easily jump with you into single-variable differential calculus, single-variable integral calculus, and multivariable differential calculus.

We had couple of students in the past from high school asking help with coursework on Basic Economics and semester project on Life and Money.  


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